The Farm

Along with our Consulting Herbalist, we began looking for the highest quality of herbs that we could find. This led to the idea of growing the herbs ourselves. We started looking for land over 15 years ago. We found land that was surrounded by mountains with a meadow of sunflowers. The qualifications needed for growing our herbs was clean air, a pure source of water and soil that had not been cultivated in over 20 years. This property was in a pristine mountainous valley with well water that runs 500 feet deep; it was perfect. With all of the sunflowers that were growing wild in the meadow Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm was a natural fit for our farm’s name.

Starting with the purchase of 25 acres, our first step was to grow the herbs in a totally organic environment. The only way that can happen is through greenhouses, away from acid rain. Completing our organic growth we only spray with “garlic water” with the garlic we grow; our other form of pesticide control is our ducks. The rest of our eco system comes from praying mantis, lady bugs, bees, hummingbirds, moths and earth worms; this gives us a completely organic growing environment. To round out our high quality product we enrich the soil with Mushroom mulch and recycle the waste from our farm animals. Our soil is lightened with sand and peat moss for water control.

We have now grown to over 45 acres. We have 6 full working greenhouses each 2,000 square feet, foundations for six more, and plan for several more in the future. The herbs are grown, harvested, and ground in a controlled environment resulting in the highest potency.

The Sunflower staff works 365 days a year to maintain the greenhouses and farm animals. The farm has two working wells and we are planning on putting in our own electrical power source in the near future. For every two green houses that are up and working, it provides one full time position at the farm.