— Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm —

Nestled in the embrace of majestic mountains and spread across a vibrant meadow where sunflowers dance in the breeze, our journey began over 25 years ago with a vision. A vision to cultivate the highest quality herbs, nourished by clean mountain air, pure well water, and soil untouched by modern agriculture for two decades. Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm wasn’t just a name; it was our destiny, reflecting the natural tapestry that was to become the canvas for our herbal artistry.

Upon finding our 25-acre slice of paradise, we set out to redefine organic cultivation. We believed the best way to ensure purity and potency was through precision—hence our greenhouse sanctuaries were born. Shielded from the elements, our herbs thrive, basking in the care of hands and hearts committed to ecological integrity.

— Our Commitment to Organic Farming —

Our organic commitment is absolute. We eschew conventional pesticides in favor of ‘garlic water’ crafted from our farm grown garlic. Our ducks, diligently patrolling the grounds, are our joyful partners in pest control. Meanwhile, praying mantises, ladybugs, bees, hummingbirds, moths, and earthworms compose the symphony of our thriving ecosystem—a testament to our promise of a wholly organic growing environment.

Our dedication to the earth extends beneath the surface. The soil—a life force—is enriched with mushroom mulch, aerated with sand, and retains perfect moisture balance thanks to peat moss. It’s a recipe for vitality, ensuring every herb from our farm is a concentrated vessel of its purest essence.

Ducks at Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm help us with pest control

Today, with over 45 acres and six state-of-the-art greenhouses—and more on the horizon—Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm stands as a testament to what happens when passion meets innovation. Each greenhouse, a 2,000 square-foot oasis, is not just a hub of growth but a beacon of employment and community development.

The farm buzzes with life every day of the year, tended to by a staff as dedicated as the farm is fruitful. With dual wells providing life’s elixir and plans to harness our own energy, sustainability is not just a practice, it’s our philosophy.

As we look to the future, each new greenhouse brings with it a promise—a promise of growth, of quality, and of new opportunities, not just for us, but for the community we cherish. Every herb harvested and ground within our controlled environment carries the Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm legacy—a legacy of unmatched potency and purity.

We invite you to experience the Sunflower difference. Feel the vitality that comes from herbs raised in perfect harmony with nature. Taste, heal, and thrive with us.